We should be so picky, picky, picky, picky….

Every now and then, The Bug‘s Media Glass House looks at mainstream mediocre output that could reasonably come into the “it’s not really wrong but it’s not really right either” category.

A classic example is the West Australian’s cover today, excellent in almost every way except for the reverse strap at the top of the graphic that stick in our pedantic craw just a little: Protesters represent a tiny fraction of vast majority doing right thing

But are the state’s anti-vaxxers a fraction of the whole state’s population, or a fraction of West Australians doing the right thing and getting the jabs against COVID-19?

Or put another way, anti-vaxxers are not part of the vaccinated cohort, so shirley they can’t be a fraction of it?

What’s that? We at the MGH need to get out more?

We couldn’t agree more!

Poring over the output of Australia’s mainstream mediocre could rot the brain at the best of times, let alone over recent years when the standard of journalism in this country has reached such lamentable lows that, yes, we would agree, this splash in the West Australian is the very least of our problems.

One para well below par…

Are there any sub-editors still working in print-media newsrooms around Australia?

The MGH thought that a fair question to pose after reading just one paragraph from Saturday’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Talk about one word too many in one spot and one or maybe two words too few in another. What the hell was wrong with “HMAS Sydney set sail on….”?