A very ballsy winner

Crude, rude and undergraduate is how we like it here at The Bug, which means our judges of our coveted prizeless Tweet of the Week award had no worries in declaring this week’s winner – Ken McAlpine @KenMcAlpine – who channeled Oscar Wilde for this bit of fun at Tim Paine’s expense.

Well, done, Ken. The prize is not in the post.

When you add vulgar to the attributes our judges look for, is it any wonder that MFW @MFWitches gets a guernsey. Can’t witches be absolute bitches with their personal attacks on decent, caring people aka loveable larrikins!

Also having a dig at the Beetrooter was prolific tweeterer Mark Langham @MarkLangham2

Ouch! Both of those tweets almost make you feel sorry for Barnaby, once the nation’s leading retail politician.

Firing on all cylinders over the past week was our old friend The Slurrie Family @SlurrieFamily who slurried the Spud with Dead Eyes and the equally brain-dead morons who want the government to get out of their lives, with nary a thought to what that might cost them.

And our judges did like this little exchange between Dead Parrot Society @MyFirstCousin and Neil Rampling @NeilRampling2

And while we normally eschew tweets that offer sweet, plain logic, we were impressed with this effort from Kirsti Miller @KirstiMiller30

And we couldn’t conclude this week’s column without a few aimed at arguably the worst prime minister this country has ever been had by, so thanks to Dr Queen Victoria @Vic_Rollison…

and PRGuy @PRGuy17 ….

… and let’s bring it home from this offering from Brian Koop @BrianKoop1