We’ve got a bone to pick with Jim

If a picture paints a thousand words, what the fuck was Nine Entertainment mastheads artist Jim Pavlidis trying to say with this graphic for Peter Hartcher’s column in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald review section?

The Media Glass House will hazard some guesses and, Jim, if we’ve got this wrong, please contact us and we’ll run whatever you’ve got to say at the bottom of this column.

So here we go with out best interpretation of your drawing.

The looming federal election campaign will be all about a beaming prime minister Scott Morrison throwing treats – a bag full of bones in fact – to very grateful and happy dogs, ie the Australian voting public.

Trailing behind, a glum-faced Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese will be brandishing a stick at those dogs. True, dogs do chase sticks but Albanese looks to have different intentions with the one he’s wielding. No wonder the dogs are staying clear of him!

Are we wrong if we’ve picked up a “carrot and stick” vibe here? Is that a fair representation of how you think the campaign will pan out, Jim?

Because there’s bugger all in Hartcher’s surprisingly fair analysis to suggest that the election is going to be a stroll in the dog park for Morrison.

Your cartoon hints that Albanese and Labor will only have sticks to throw at voters – or hit them over the head with. A pretty brave call seeing poor old Albo is shit-scared of announcing policies least, like in 2019, the mainstream media distorts them to billyO, doing the LNP’s job for them. Just like you’ve done here, Jim?

Want to share with us, Jim, what particular policy ‘stick’ of Albo’s to date – or mooted – has stuck in your craw, or more accurately, your cartooning claw?

Can’t? Maybe, Jim, you’re just a rightwing arsehole who thinks that graphic is a fair and decent depiction of things as they stand in this faux-election campaign period and how they’ll pan out on the hustings?

In which case, your work is very unlikely to be marked down by your editors at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, or for that matter, the bloke upstairs, Peter Costello.


With the start of the pre-campaign for the actual federal election campaign the Liberal Party will be happy to know that its PR agents at the national newspaper The Australian and The Weekend Australian are already hard at work.

In recent weeks the News Crap Australia broadshit has started to run positive front-page headlines about Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as our Media Glass House teams have previously reported.

Today sees The Weekend Oz step up the anti-Labor sloganeering by dredging up the good old, never-fails trade union bogeyman, or bogeyperson to be correct. (pictured)

Yes, the front page heading screams about trade unions daring to seek better wages for their members by demanding from a possible Labor Party federal government changes to IR laws that would alter the way wage increases and improvements in conditions are negotiated and achieved.

Yep, The Oz drags out one of the Liberal Party’s favourite tactics – to accuse Labor of being dictated to by those dreadful unions who would really run the country if Anthony Albanese were PM.

What makes the ploy by The Oz so blatantly one-sided is the fact that the unions are actually asking both sides of politics to make the changes they believe are necessary if Aussie workers are to have any spare cash to spend and fuel the economy after years if not decades of low wage growth and high cost escalations.

The story quotes ACTU secretary Sally McManus saying that Labor and the Coalition need to look at possible IR law changes because profits are growing but employees’ spending power is shrinking.

Similarly, the Transport Workers’ Union national secretary Michael Kaine is quoted in the story saying: “We need a federal government to act no matter what its political hue.”


Speaking of News Crap Australia and its blatantly slanted coverage in favour of the federal Libs and PM Morrison, take a look at this picture run earlier this week in the Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

What is the PM so upset about?

Probably he’s furious that Anthony Albanese has rudely interrupted him and has started spruiking some half-baked Commo ideas about how the unions will be running the place if he becomes their puppet PM.

Well, no. It’s actually two pictures edited together to give that impression or any other impression readers wish to invest in it.

There is no declaration under the pic that it’s a digital mish-mash, just two credits for the two images.

Our MGH teams were under the impression that honest and upfront news outlets gave readers full information about such altered images……

Oh wait. We see the problem with that line of thought. We’ll stop now.


Despite the rantings and prop nooses of the small number of foaming-at-the-mouth protesters threatening to kill Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and his family, our MGH teams have found more evidence to suggest News Crap Australia still has not learned that its avalanche of anti-Dan stories doesn’t wash with the vast majority of sensible voters.

Today’s Weekend Australian breaks the news……

Of course The Oz and its sister turdbloid the Herald Sun will no doubt react in the only way they seem to know – step up the anti-Dan stories.