The little fish taste the sweetest…

Well, that’s how a corrupt former Queensland top cop described the smaller amounts that came across his commissioner’s desk in brown paper bags back in the corrupt Bjelke-Petersen era.

Having never taken extorted cash of any amount out of said paper bag, nor sucked on those crumpled and soiled notes to test their sweetness, we’ll have to take his word on that but at the Media Glass House we can sort of appreciate where he was coming from.

While the MGH usually concentrates on the bigger gaffes and blunders of the mainstream mediocre, plenty of little fishy hiccups come to our attention and every now and then it’s fun to throw a stone into the glasshouse pond and see them scatter.

So a few days ago, we spotted the little error above in a report by Sky News Australia’s digital editor Jack Houghton on some recent sabre-rattling by Defence Minister Peter Dutton.

It must be so easy to mix up ‘witness’ and ‘weakness’ and we’d normally let it slide but let’s call it a slow news-fucked-up day.

The same would apply to Channel 9 Brisbane’s 6pm news last night with this little error below.

Vistors! It’s sounds like something Scott Morrison would say.

So, how are we going so far? Being just a little bit picky? There are bigger fish to fry?

Well, how about one more, then?

Andrew Lofthouse in his opening preamble on Nine Brisbane’s 6pm news last night tells us “a new house slides off its stumps…”

In the report, it becomes “a heritage house” being renovated at New Farm and that decisions will have to be made about whether “this heritage house” can be restored.

So, why should we make fun about a “new” and a “heritage” house being the same dwelling?

Isn’t accuracy in journalism still a basic goal in practising the craft? Or has that ship long sailed?

And we won’t be that churlish to mention a participle or two that were dangled, a bit like the new, heritage, house itself, during the report.

Bugger, we just did. And we don’t know why because an ability to dangle participles at will seems to be a prerequisite of recent years for employment as a TV news reporter.


As NSW Police continued this week to work on solving the mystery of the disappearance and possibly tragic death of young William Tyrrell, News Crap Australia’s daily turdbloid in Brisbane The Courier-Mail gave the story front-page treatment. (pictured)

But something important was missing from the story’s screaming headline.

Can you guess what it is. Now that’s a hint, isn’t it. Oops, another one!