Rupert’s epic effort

Today I can break the big news that Rupert Murdoch is getting back into the film business, at least temporarily in the Australian market.

His News Corp Australia is bankrolling a feature film titled Freedom, based loosely on Mel Gibson’s 1995 hit Braveheart about 13th century Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace, and shooting has already started at locations around Sydney and Canberra.

Not only that, but Murdoch is directing the film and has written its script.

The big news just keeps on coming, and I can also reveal that Freedom will star Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the lead role (main picture) and production is expected to wrap in record time to have it ready for release in the lead-up to the next federal election.

“Rupert himself has penned the screenplay and while he has used the general plot of Braveheart, his new film will tell the story of fictional hero Scomo Mustay who leads a rebellion against evil would-be king Albo the Red,” a source within News Corp Australia told me.

“Savvy consumers of News Corp media will have detected that a subtle publicity campaign for the new film has already started with the title being slipped into several stories in Rupert’s publications. (pictured)

“We can expect to see much, much more of that as both the election and the film’s premiere approach.

“The film is being made in record time, on Rupert’s instruction.

“The only delays so far have arisen from the PM fluffing his lines and forcing reshoots of key scenes.

“For instance, Rupert has insisted on reusing the epic line from Braveheart: ‘They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!’

“But the PM had great difficulty getting it out on the day and no matter how many times he was fed the actual line he kept saying: ‘They may take away our utes and end the weekend, but they’ll never take our freedom!’

“After 30-plus takes, Rupert gave up and plans to dub the actual line in post-production,” the source told me.