73 seconds of video fame

Here’s a tip for fans of those commercial FM radio shows with multiple hosts and triple-barrelled names. In other words, all of them.

Don’t waste your time listening to each daily program of your favourite FM team – you know the ones whose programs give more air time to long ad breaks and the three announcers laughing loudly at their own remarks than any music or anything actually entertaining.

News Corp Australia’s online outlets recently published an online video that offers an efficient alternative.

The video (pictured at top and below) promised viewers “a look back at one year of Kate, Tim, and Joel”.

For those who don’t know, former Home and Away soapie star Kate Ritchie, announcer Tim Blackwell, and stand-up comedian Joel Creasy host the Nova FM radio network’s national drive-time program.

Sadly for Kate, Tim, and Joel the video of the no-doubt side-splitting highlights of their entire program year runs to 1 minute and 13 seconds.


Previous editions of our MGH have often published mistakes our research teams have identified in ABC Online stories and today is no different. (pictured)

Perhaps those in charge at ABC Online could phase in the use of a dictionary.


Yet again we present proof in black and white of News Corp Australia’s bias in favour of the talentless, duplicitous, politically corrupt Liberal Party government of PM Scott Morrison and its active antagonism towards those dangerous lefties in the Labor Party.

The Gold Coast Bulletin ran a story this week based on more heavy criticism by the PM of West Australian Premier Mark McGowan’s approach to border closures aimed at tackling the coronavirus pandemic. (pictured)

As it ran the story’s headline presented as fact that the WA Premier was in the wrong by not opening up his state fast enough.

Would it have been so difficult to put a couple of quotations marks around go-slow – as in “go-slow” – if the newspaper want to ensure it was presenting an unbiased story?

Oh wait. We see the flaw in our argument right there.

We could also quibble about a Queensland newspaper perhaps deliberately giving the impression for lazy readers glancing over yarns that Annastacia Palaszczuk was the one under attack and we will.