PM rushed to hospital


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been rushed to hospital in Canberra after suffering what has been described as a choking fit.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said Mr Morrison was addressing reporters at The Lodge about his recently released climate change document, The Plan to Deliver Net Zero – The Australian Way, when the incident happened.

“The PM was half-way through his usual routine knocking back allegations about his government’s supposedly inadequate approach to emissions reduction by pointing to China and the need for it to act first and fast to cut its own heavy emissions load,” the spokesperson said.

“At that point one of the PM’s political advisers approached him and whispered in his ear to break the news of this morning’s announcement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow of an agreement between China and the United States to cooperate on rapidly cutting emissions before 2030.

“It was then that the PM fell into a serious choking fit.

“The media representatives present said it looked as though he was choking on his own words.

“The apparent choking fit didn’t stop and the PM started to turn blue in the face.

“That’s when an ambulance was called and he was rushed to Canberra Hospital where doctors say he is resting uncomfortably,” the spokesperson said.