Poll leaves top scribe unmoved


SYDNEY: One of Australia’s leading mainstream media political scribes and commentators has been left completely unfazed by the latest opinion poll that shows a big drop in support for Prime Minister Scott Morrision after his European trip.

“I still believe the PM returned from the G-20 in Rome and the COP26 in Glasgow unscathed,” said Phillip Coorey, pictured this morning as he entered The Australian Financial Review’s Sydney newsrooms. “Of that, in my heart of hearts, I am absolutely certain.”

Taken while the PM was at those two meetings, The Guardian Essential poll of 1,089 found 48% approved of the job he was doing as prime minister while 42% disapproved.

“This continues a gradual decline in voter satisfaction with Morrison which has fallen from a high of 65% in February and is at its lowest level since the 41% recorded in March 2020 in the wake of the black summer bushfires,” Guardian Australia reported.

Voter approval was also at its lowest level since before the outbreak of the pandemic.

While the new, improved Essential polling method used for this survey does not mention primary figures or a projected two-party preferred position, the paper did reveal recently that at the end of a quarter of polls in October, Labor held a 53-47 advantage and had been in front for eight of the nine survey periods covered.

The latest results suggest that 2PP position would have strengthened for Labor.

Phillip Coorey told The Bug this morning: “There’s only one poll that counts and that will be the election next year which Mr Morrison will win handsomely as the only side of politics that knows how to run economies well.”