Commanist wins top award

No, the word in the heading above is not a mistake. And, no, it’s not our Prime Minister trying to say “communist” while giving a speech pissed.

“Commanist” is the word The Bug’s tweet of the week judges came up with to describe the clever winner of this week’s coveted award and the enormous amount of cash that doesn’t come with it.

And our winning commanist is none other than meagrebones @meagrebones who combined two recent big stories to explain the importance of good grammar.

We really do wish there was a substantial cash reward with this prize if for no other reason than to help fatten meagrebones up a bit.

His reference to the Macron-Morrison stoush at the G (for Gotcha!) 20 was picked up by others in the Twitterverse, especially the attempts by Smoko to try to play the patriotic/nationalist card by claiming that the French President had sledged all of Australia and not just the international embarrassment who’s starting to make Billy McMahon look like one of the finest statesmen this nation has ever produced.

We really liked this offering from Scott Morrison PM of Australia (parody) @ScottyFromMktg who has pumped out some good stuff of late that maybe the interns at The Chaser could start to learn from before it’s too late.

And this reminder of bushfires past from Trevor Smith @Smithwatcher

And a simple, heartfelt comment from Georgia @GandWalter.

Of course, there were plenty of general barbs aimed at Smoko from the Twitterverse over the past week and we acknowledge this offering over probably the most disturbing moment of the PM’s overseas travails – when, with his professional photographer (who we all pay for) in tow Smoko interrupted a private conversation Macron was having with someone he likes to lay his healing pentecostal hand on the French leader with an Aussie gidday to show the world both men have put a silly little misunderstanding over a trifling subs contract behind them.

Thank you, Kerryn Goldsworthy with a heap of emoji thingos @Adelaid… (and if there’s anymore to that Twitter handle, Kerryn needs to remove some of those emojis) for summing up what many Australians thought had they hovered over their chuck buckets.

And Bronwyn Clark @BonnwynHill1 who wrapped up Smoko’s entire OS trip thus…