Gladys arrested; will face ICAC

SYDNEY: Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was arrested at a minor stop near the end of the South Coast railway line early this morning and has been returned to the state capital in time to resume her evidence at Independent Commission against Corruption hearings at 9am.

Railway police detained Ms Berejikian at Bombo Station just north of Kiama around 6.45am after they spotted her dressed in a girl guide’s uniform (above).

“She looked too small to be a girl guide,” one of the arresting officers explained. “Other that that, it was a pretty good disguise, really.”

Other police who drove her back to Sydney are expected to require counselling after the woman who saved Australia spent the entire 90-minute trip complaining how unlucky she had been in love and lamenting the fact that she had always ended up with cads and bounders who took advantage of her kind and gentle nature and weren’t any good in the sack anyway.