Pacific leaders rejoice


Pacific Ocean island nations are rejoicing at the bold initiative of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the lead-up to his attendance of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow at the end of the month.

A spokesperson for the Pacific Islands Forum said the political and economic policy organisation representing 18 Pacific region nations were “overwhelmingly overjoyed” at Mr Morrison’s decision to take decisive action on climate change by rewarding the National Party with an extra seat at the federal cabinet table.

“The island nations making up the majority of the Forum’s membership held a special meeting today in Nauru (main picture) to formally congratulate the Australian Prime Minister on his statesmanlike decision to give the National Party a stronger voice in his cabinet,” the spokesperson said.

“They all expressed their individual and collective thanks to Mr Morrison for giving priority to taking real and meaningful action on climate change.

“All leaders in attendance were as one in declaring that the existential threat to their nations’ very existence is being addressed by Mr Morrison through his decision to not only give Queensland MP, Mr Keith Pitt, a bigger salary and more perks, but also to give him and the Nationals a bigger say in future cabinet decision-making on this vital issue.

“The leaders agreed that Mr Morrison deserved thanks for focussing on initiatives that mattered and that have a real impact on climate change policy.

“A motion drafted by the meeting stated that Mr Morrison’s visionary leadership had given hope to all Pacific island nations confronting the impacts of climate change.

“However the meeting was abandoned before the motion could be considered as rising ocean levels made it impossible to continue,” the spokesperson said.