Teen activist talks up policy


Teenage environmental activist Scomo Turdberg has arrived in Glasgow to talk up the Morrison Government’s climate action credentials prior to the UN Climate Change Conference.

Ms Turdberg, a former winner of The Bug’s Australian of the Year Award (main picture), left Australia in late July to paddle to Scotland by kayak to avoid emissions-heavy air travel.

Her arrival coincides with ongoing efforts in Canberra to reach agreement between the Liberal and National parties on a zero net emissions policy.

In Glasgow, Ms Turdberg said she was confident of a positive outcome from the talks.

“I can say with confidence that the discussions now under way in Canberra will continue until they confirm the zero policy position of the government,” Ms Turdberg said.

“My assessment was reinforced after hearing the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce being interview on ABC Radio this morning.

“Although I have yet to see a full translation, my interpretation of his comments is that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will definitely arrive in Glasgow in a fortnight with a climate change policy that equates to zero.

“So my job here before he arrives is to speak to as many conference delegates as I can to assure them that when it comes to tackling emissions, Australia’s policy is unmistakably zero,” Ms Turdberg said.