Tweet sticks it to anti-vaxxers

Jeff Tiedrich @itsJeffTiedrich is our sort of guy, The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges decided.

He’s a glass-half-full fella, with a sarcastic bent as well. And his delicious putdown (at top) of anti-vaxxers in various professions has won him the coveted yet cashless honour this week. Jeff, your prize is not in the post.

You Buggers out there know by now that The Bug particularly loves tweets that include highly personal attacks on anyone inside the worst federal government this poor nation has ever suffered under.

It’s true. We used to be “play the ball, not the man” types but after watching the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments sustain the most vicious personal slurs on Bill Shorten for years to just scrap back into power twice, we say give ’em both barrels. Okay, some things might still be off limits but that’s not important right now.

And so we were particularly chuffed with this effort from Mark Jacka @themarkjacka about a certain boozy, beetrorting buffoon from the bush. Ouch!

And we have no idea who this Grace Tame @TamePunk is but clearly she would be no spring chicken if she can twist a tweet on a half-decade old decade rumour concerning a song by The Beatles. Grace has nailed it and if she wasn’t so political, who knows what national honours could have come her way during her lifetime.

Two issues – the path to COVID freedom as we step out into the light and rip off our masks and the scourge of climate change – continued to dominate The Bug’s Twitterverse feed so we pay tribute to this nice dig from Martin Pakula @MartinPakula after NSW Premier Dominic Perrotet decided he was running the nation as well.

Nice one. And Rupert Murdoch’s alleged 180deg U-turn on climate change – we might half believe it if we fully see it – drew this response from Ewart, LaborDave @davidbewart

Not just Shorten and Labor, Ewart, LaborDave! All Australians and the whole world too. But don’t hold your breath. A nice deathbed confession would be nice, preferably yesterday. Fuck! Let’s hope that doesn’t put us in the Twitter naughty corner for 24 hours!

Youse Buggers also know we love tweets about the sad, not-so-slow drift to the right of just about all the other sectors of the mainstream mediocre as they try to emulate non standard-bearer Newscorpse.

So say hello and well done to Minna @MinWebLit and her tweet about “Written and spoken Chris Uhlmann for the Liberal Party of Australia”.

We know how you feel, Minna. The Bug gets the two weekend Heralds in Sydney but only because they give us so much material for The Bug‘s Media Glass House.

But, so fucking help us, if we have to read one more Parnell Palme McGuinness essay where she happily quotes fuck-knuckles from the Institute of Public Affairs not once but twice in the same yarn, we won’t be far behind you, Minna!