Columnist in court


The Bug’s financial and investment commentator has appeared in court on a string of charges brought against him by the state’s consumer watchdog for allegedly misleading labelling and marketing of fresh eggs.

Morrison Edison Ponzi Phar-Lap Bezzle, address and age unknown, pleaded not guilty to a string of charges under the Health Act, the Therapeutic Goods Administration Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Food Act, and the Animal Welfare Act.

Speaking outside the Brisbane Magistrates Court after the matters were adjourned until a date to be fixed, Mr Bezzle (main picture) said he would “vigorously challenge” all charges.

Mr Bezzle said when the matters returned to court he would argue that there was nothing wrong in the tactics he took to marketing a large quantity of surplus fresh eggs he bought from a range of unlicensed egg farms.

“I read somewhere that eggs are used for making vaccines so I reckon it’s totally legitimate for me to tell buyers that my eggs could help prevent or treat COVID-19. I did say ‘help’. I  never claimed they’d be an outright cure.

“Just because I didn’t also deluge consumers with an avalanche of scientific mumbo jumbo doesn’t mean I should be hung out to dry. That’s totally unfair, if not un-Australian.

“So too is the charge that I have been misrepresenting the eggs I was selling as being ‘cage free’.

“Go and ask the chooks themselves. Do they pay for their cage? No, they don’t. I rest my case.”

Mr Bezzle said the charges against him represented a waste of time and money for taxpayers.

“These are just yet more trumped-up charges levelled against me by the Office of Fair Trading that’s full of shiny-arsed paper-shufflers and pen-pushers,” he said.

“None of them has worked an honest day in their lives and they have rejected all efforts by me to settle this dispute before it reached the courts.

“These people just won’t see reason. I sent them an envelope full of material which I had hoped they might accept as an incentive to drop the charges.

“But they rejected my approach and returned the envelope so I had to put the material back into my bank account,” Mr Bezzle said.