NEW: Test your politics skills!

How well do you know Australian politics on a federal and state-by-state level?

Enough to maybe one day become one of this nation’s revered politics scribes?

Well, The Bug introduces a brand new feature designed precisely to allow you to test your acumen on a regular basis.

Fancy you can dissect political activities as brilliantly as Peter “Morrison has skilfully moved to the centre of politics where he has cleverly put himself in an election-winning position” Hartcher, David “Morrison almost singlehandedly won the 2019 election” Crowe, Jacqueline “Morrison deserves praise for how he’s led the COVID-19 fightback” Maley, Phillip “The Woman Who Saved Australia” Coorey or “Written and spoken Chris Uhlmann for the Liberal Party of Australia”?

You do! Well, off you go then. Five points for every correct answer.

Pick the person shown below who DID NOT appear in the famous 1970 Monty Python skit, Upper Class Twit of the Year.

Pick the person who during the past week uttered this immortal line: “I met someone yesterday who was incredibly pleased that his grandmother passed away at 102 and now they’re allowed to have 100 people at the funeral this week!”

And, finally, pick the person who in recent times has shown true leadership by exercising far from home and way beyond COVID-19 distance restrictions, didn’t know how to use his QR app to enter a barber shop (Sorry! Hair Styling Saloon for Toffs) and drank beer in a pub standing up, once again against COVID-19 rules that clearly only apply to lower-class twits, to whom police would very unlikely show any discretion whatsoever.

So, there you have it. Answer all three correctly and you will have recorded the maximum 15 points. Answers in our next Test Your Politics Skills! feature.