Miner detail in new approach

News Crap Australia recently announced what for some observers was a refreshing change in approach to climate change.

In late September the company’s head honcho, Michael Miller, said its outlets would be ramping up coverage of the hot-button issue in the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow starting at the end of this month.

Of course, as Mr Miller was quick to assure hard-core News Corp subscribers, that doesn’t mean an end to the ranting of almost every one of its paid columnists and commentators who view climate change as a hoax that (if we are to believe Clive Palmer’s black-and-yellow ads that the company’s newspapers keep accepting and running) is almost as big as the COVID-19 virus fraud.

Today readers of metro turdbloids around the nation and the few that remain in regional centres saw evidence of the initiative with wrap-around features exploring various aspects of climate change, with a heavy emphasis on the concept of net-zero emissions. (main picture)

A look at a selection of the hard-copy papers also shows a heavy emphasis on people wearing high-viz gear including a sprinkling of men and women working in the mining industry.

The unmistakable message is that there are economic benefits – or “gold” in tabloid talk – to be had in embracing the “green” reforms needed to achieve net-zero or at least lower emissions.

The cynics among our various teams of Media Glass House researchers and analysts, mainly those working on levels five to nine of The Bug headquarters which is pretty much all of them, think we may be witnessing the start of a News Corp “greenwashing” campaign that will inevitably pivot (to use a verb currently popular among political observers) into more such features and wrap-arounds, but ones that are advertising-based.

Could it be that News Crap has realised that real action on climate change and the support mainstream businesses are now giving it could deliver the new “rivers of gold” to its coffers?

Our very cynical MGH teams say we need to watch that space.  


Speaking of advertising –  and gold – a news story, especially one with a supporting photo or illustration, can be gold for any business.

Of course the story must be a positive one, or at least neutral rather than negative.

Today’s Daily Telegraph contains a prime example with a yarn about a new Vegemite and cheese topping being offered by a major pizza chain. (pictured)

Is it news? That’s an often-asked question for our MGH research teams these days.

The answer more often than not is: “No”.


Our MGH teams often point out headlines that try too hard. This one (pictured) falls into that and several other categories including “FFS”.

The story appeared in Saturday’s The Weekend Australian. It’s about country and western singer Kasey Chambers who has written a few tunes that reflect the isolation she and others have felt during pandemic lockdowns.

Our researchers feel the heading might have been less groan-worthy if Ms Chambers could have been persuaded to change her name by deed poll to Kasey Holmes before publication.


On the other hand the heading below from today’s Gold Coast Bulletin fits the “WTF?” category.

It’s on a story about the alleged absence of a clear plan by the Queensland Government to exit pandemic restrictions, especially border closures.

Our MGH researchers have read and re-read the item. They can’t detect any reason for what may well be a very clever headline so they are more than willing to be enlightened.