Various issues set off Smoko alarms!

Everyone’s susssed out by now that the judges of The Bug’s coveted Tweet of the Week have a penchant for entries that put shit on – and in the pants of – the worst Prime Minister we’ve every had, right?

We’re not embarrassed about that. The Twitterfeed of Australia’s No1 family netzine and its journalists are unashamedly left-wing. But this was especially going to be the case in a week when the Engadine Soiler took furious aim at a media outlet that doesn’t slavishly, lavishly, give him 100 per cent support all of the time like Newscorpse does.

That’s right, he’s livid over that disgraceful cesspit full of sewer rats – Twitter!

So our judges trolled … sorry… trawled long and hard for entries that got stuck into the Liar from the Shire, the Crook from Cook, the Happy Clapping Slogan Bogan, the one and only Smoko, Smirko, Scummo, Crime Minister, etc , fucking, etc.

And thus it came to pass that our judges were particulary attracted to two powerful memes that sparked a lot of frenzied squeaking among the rats; Vicotorian Premier Daniel Andrews copping a fine for not masking up, and much scurring along the Twitter sewer pipe tops and high claw punches over the great man’s toothless national integrity commission and his fears of where he’ll end up under a real one.

So our two joint winners for the week are Good Trouble @Warwick1Warwick and John McWhinney @john_mcwhinney.

Right behind them – and maybe it should have been our very first triple heat of winners – was Jacoby @adamajacoby with this nice little jab at our jellyback of a national “leader”.

One very clever memeless take on Smoko’s attack on Twitter came from Emergency&BushfireKits (what is there not to love about Twitter handles!) ….

And from Colin King @ColinKi02276809 …

We collected other great tweets over the past week, on the issues covered above and others; His Holiness Dominic Perrottet ascending to the position of NSW Premier and one that shocked us to our very core: one of our favourite Twitterers getting all profane and profound about the rights of 50.2 per cent of the Australian population to criticise “powerful religious men” if they feel a pressing need so to do.

First there was Coalition Empathy Coach @monty_moriarty with this wry observation …

And, finally, earmuffs please for any little ones nearby if you intend to read out loud this rather uncharacteristically blunt offering from our dear friend RonniSalt @RonniSalt