Has 9Now bugged the Bug?

It’s a question we’ve been forced to address given the times a Channel 9 news bulletin that we think said or showed something worth poking fun at then mysteriously goes missing from the station’s free streaming service, preventing us from double checking our facts.

Take, for example, a big tease at the start of 9 Brisbane’s 6pm news on Wednesday night that touted a yarn that Queensland might get a name change!

Worth sitting through a 60-minute bulletin for that, right?

How exciting, the MGH crew thought! What will the recommendation be, seeing a quick snap poll of all Bug employees thought any new name would be better than the Queen’s land! Could a state’s name be any more embarrassing to one and all, let alone One?

Suggestions rattled around the Bug’s expansive, three-tower HQ in a certain eastern-seaboard metropolis.

Melanoma? We’ve got the world’s highest rates so that’s worth skiting about.

Johland? Too far back? WallyWorld? Maybe that time has also passed to honour the world’s greatest ever rugby league player and one of the best TV sports news singers of all time.

And what did the story end up being about? Some government advisory panel has suggested a change to the state’s number-plate slogan! Instead of Queensland – The Sunshine State, it should be Queensland – The Sunrise State! Sponsored by Channel 7 perhaps?

As with a lot of things at The Bug and its MGH sub-division, we foolishly left it a few days to double check just how cunning Nine News Brisbane had been in its teaser for what turned out to be not much of a story at all.

As accuracy is always important to us, we turned straight to 9Now to rerun the bulletin and get things exactly right. And guess which episode was missing: the bloody one we wanted (at top). This setback wouldn’t have happened if we had been in a smarter state.

And because this happens more often than chance suggests, we got in electronic surveillance detecting experts but they’ve found nothing yet. We’ll keep looking because 9News is being tipped off somehow.

Do we have some molls in our organisation? Of course we do. But could there be a mole among them?