On song in Glasgow


An announcement in Canberra overnight has ended speculation over whether Prime Minister Scott Morrison will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said Australia would send a special delegate to the COP26 event starting at the end of the month and due to discuss the emissions-reduction targets of almost 200 participating nations.

“Rather than spend the time traveling to the meeting and isolating on his return in line with pandemic restrictions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided to appoint a special climate ambassador who will represent Australia at the Glasgow meeting,” the spokesperson said.

“The person chosen to explain Australia’s actions to fight climate change is Mr Kevin B Wilson. (main picture)

“Mr Wilson is very experienced in communicating complex ideas to large audiences.

“The Prime Minister is confident that Mr Wilson’s talents for performing and composition are ideal when it comes to expressing his government’s own views on climate change.”

The PMO spokesperson said Mr Wilson would present Australia’s submission to the UN’s Glasgow conference in the form of a song.

“The presentation will reflect Australia’s attitude to global efforts tackling climate change,” the spokesperson said.

“It will be based on an original composition of Mr Wilson’s called DILLIGAF, or Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?.

“Mr Wilson has performed in Glasgow previously and tells us that his songs always go down well, so the government is expecting big things from his climate-conference performance.”