Ministerial loyalty rewarded

BRISBANE: A grateful and almost humble Queensland Premier says she’s honoured to have given herself the opportunity to be the state’s first Olympics Minister.

“I just hope to live up to the faith I’ve shown in myself by doing the very best I can in this exciting new portfolio,” Annastacia Palaszczuk said after being sworn in at Government House.

In addition to her new role, the Premier will also continue on as Premier as well.

“I’ve told myself of my decision in that regard and in terms of Queensland moving forward with confidence and certainty, we both think it’s for the best.”

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Olympic roles stoush

CANBERRA: A row between the Morrison and Palaszczuk governments over the composition of the Brisbane Organising Committee (BOC) for the 2032 Brisbane Games has escalated.

The federal government has bristled at the possibility that Premier Palaszczuk might have the opportunity to appoint more committee members than Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The PM’s special envoy for the Games, Queensland federal LNP backbencher Ted O’Brien expressed outrage over the proposed state law giving Ms Palaszczuk greater say than the PM in appointments to the BOC.

“The proposal is way out of line and in no way reflects the time-honoured processes we as a federal government have followed when it comes to making decisions about sporting programs and funds,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The BOC appointments process simply does not follow what has become known in public administration circles as the BMM, or the Bridget McKenzie Model to give it its full name.

“If Queensland does not see sense we may have to reconsider the federal government’s involvement in the Games, or pass overriding federal legislation that designates each BOC position as a railway station car park.”