Scattergun approach hits the target

Before we get to our Tweet of the Week winner and worthy runners-up, can we just say how embarrassed we’ve become over our clear left-wing bias in selecting these things over time.

Our preference for tweets that attack our Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his ministry of morons, mugs and misfits has been blatant and unforgiveable. From now on, we are going to strive to present a fairer, more balanced and more professional …. hey, only joking!

We really did like this one from David Milner @DaveMilbo ….

.. and this one from bradpsychology @bradpsychology who has been mentioned before for his professionally nuanced inputs.

Or indeed Dr Ron Baumann @DocB_ who had a cracking good go at explaining Smoko’s net worth.

But as well as really not striving for more balance politically in future, we also saw the need to award cleverness, which is why we turned to Jacoby @adamajacoby who cleverly nailed so many of the things that we at The Bug despise to be this week’s winner (at top). Well done.

Someone else who had Andrew Bolt in her individual sights was crafting Sassy @Loud_Lass

Others also tweeted this wonderful bolt out of the blue so if it was yours, crafting Sassy, well done! If it were someone else, we’d love to acknowledge their effort.

And finally, let’s say hello to MFW @MFWitches, who we think might have set some fucking sort of fucking record with this fucking effort.