More egg on AFR’s face

You’d think The Australian Financial Review would have learned its lesson after putting the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on its magazine cover a while ago (above).

It is true that on that occasion, Gladys wasn’t done and dusted before the magazine got dropped in the recycle bin where it always belonged.

But, aah, the scorn and derision that was showered on the AFR for that sycophantic, suck-hole piece by Philip Coorey, arguable the paper’s furtherest-right-wing columnist before we read a pail full of poo from Matthew Cranston the other day.


She did no such thing, of course. Coorey, if he could somehow conjure up a moment of journalistic objectivity, had to know it.

That tripe was written at a time when Gladys and her bully mate in Canberra, Smoko Morrison, were the great tag-team effort, excoriating Labor states for using lockdowns to combat COVID-19 – how dare they put people’s health before wealth! – and extolling the virtues of opening up as fast as possible so that we could all learn to live and die with COVID-19 for the economy’s sake.

Read, for business’s sake.

And to be fair, as the MGH always is, for the sake also of all those workers on shitty part-time, split-shift wages. Believe Morrison government spin and probably a million of those jobs were created in the time it got you to read this far.

The Bug‘s MGH accepts that THE WOMAN WHO SAVED AUSTRALIA is what the AFR does. It’s the paper for right-wing business, so it writes right-wing shit. It would go out of business if it didn’t.

It’s what AFR writers are good at it. Or put another way, you wouldn’t find a Joni Mitchell among them, prepared to look at both sides now.

And why? Business by and large blindly supports the LNP federally. Wouldn’t you as an employer support a government that bragged before the 2019 election that keeping wages down was a deliberate part of government policy?

It’s why the AFR happily brushed off the raucous giggles – okay, outright guffaws – that erupted around the nation after that magazine hit the streets.

So much so that they were happy to give THE WOMAN WHO SAVED AUSTRALIA another almighty plug in their current magazine (right).

Ah, the POWER of our Glad. More powerful than Smoko, apparently.

Many might see Our Glad as someone tarnished significantly by her humiliating, too-late, about-face on just how deadly and infectious the Delta strain of the pandemic. But not the AFR: she’s a dynamic leader at the top of her game, totally in control, possibly the best politician this or any other country has ever produced! GO GLADYS!! And she did!

Loved by the whole of NSW if you believe John Howard, her pathetic performance in front of ICAC a while ago centred on her bad choice of a root, the noise of paper shredders in her office, her answers at ICAC that were as dodgy as Daryl himself, the constant, arrogant, hubric (surely that must be a word!) putdowns of Labor premiers and the fact that this brave, once-in-a-lifetime “leader” stopped doing daily pressers as the COVID-19 cases spread and the daily deaths went up, all forgotten by her legion of adoring fans.

It took bugger all time for that AFR magazine front cover to be as dead and buried as Berejiklian’s political career.

Don Gordon-Brown


And, finally, we have a couple of crocodile stories to get your teeth into it.

Put it down to our quirky or bizarre sense of humour but we particularly liked this ABC online news tease the other day.

At least it explains why there are so many half people in the NT.

And we also liked Michael Rowland on ABC News Breakfast earlier in the week who talked about the bloke recovering from surgery after a crocodile mauled his hand.

Shouldn’t that have been “after” surgery? Too picky? We have been known for that.