Short, sharp and devastating!

The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges put down their glasses as soon as they saw the above effort from Darren Levin @darren_levin thundering down the home straight.

What can we say other than shout “Bewdiful!”

And we should all be thankful that with his fast and furious tweet, hardly any time at all after Michael Rowland had ordered his ABC News Breakfast colleagues to leave the building, Darren prevented the Hun-Herald from using the same words for their post-earthquake splash.

And while we’re on that Melbourne-based LNP PR outfit (the Hun, not News Breakfast), we also liked this one from Steph @steph_brown_aus.

Amen to that, Steph!

The entry that most likely would have won the week’s top honour if Darren hadn’t shook us all up was this fine effort, tres topicalment and dripping with sarcasm, from Suzie Leach @saysgrumpysuzie. Thank you, grumpie Suzie, thank you!

And what was there not to like – and maybe get quite sad over – about this wonderful observation from Emma @emma_jayne14

Another two very pointed tweets that we enjoyed were these offerings from Robyn @robynbryant33 and Susan R-O @SReesOsborne …

Yes, we know, It’s very obvious that we like tweets that needle Smoko relentlessly!

And even though The Bug abhors naughty language, we couldn’t but be impressed with silver-tongued Bee etc etc @BelindaJones68 and her amazing ability to call a spade an open-coal-mine shovel.

And, finally, two rather sad ones to finish up on…. both on entirely different matters but each a terrible reflection on where Oz is at the moment. Thanks to Pearlygaits @CottonPru and Kailas Wild @kailaswild