All the News news

Another day, another “news” story about a News Crap Australia commercial offering.

Today Rupert Murdoch’s national broadshit and metropolitan turdbloids carried stories on their early “news” pages about a brand new subscription service call Flash.

Apparently the Foxtel pay TV outfit – 65% owned by News Crap and 35% by Telstra – can offer you access to 20 global news services for around $10 a month.

They include a raft of subscription news services like the colourful US-based Fox News but also BBC News, CNN, and Al Jazeera News which is a tad odd because anyone can already view those three news services for nix. They can also read online a lot of Fox News content for nothing too.

The story about the new Flash service was featured in the news pages of The Australian, and metro dailies published by News Crap Australia.

There were even extra stories about it used as leads in the business news section of the News Crap turdbloids The Courier-Mail in Brisbane and the Daily Telegraph in Sydney. (pictured)

Only passing reference was made to the News Crap shareholding Foxtel and no mention at all was made in the shorter stories run on the news pages.

We are wearily accustomed to this sort of self-promotional advertising dressed up as news.  

We at the MGH can continue to rant about it. Or maybe we should just recognise the reality of the situation and start referencing News stories rather than news stories when discussing any Murdoch publication.


Another aspect of the coverage of business issues by News Crap Australia is the republication of stories in its metro turdbloids of stories written by business reporters employed by the national broadshit The Australian.

A few discreet words at the top of the page – “powered by The Australian” – indicates the use of stories from the national paper in what are supposed to be regionally or locally focussed publications.

Today our MGH research teams counted several stories from The Oz filling out the business pages of metro turdbloids. (pictured)

We wonder if the journos who research and write the stories for The Oz are getting paid extra if they appear elsewhere in the Murdoch stable.

Well, we actually know the answer to that and no doubt so do you.