Nine News fined over sex tease


Channel 9 News in Brisbane has copped a $50,000 fine for deceptive and misleading advertising in its Wednesday 6pm bulletin.

Fair Trading Queensland imposed the fine after the bulletin’s co-presenter Melissa Downes in her opening news summary broke the shock news to come of a death among the cast of the popular and saucy US TV series, Sex in the City.

“The opening pointer to that story was clearly designed to suggest the death had to be one of the four main female stars,” a Fair Trading Queensland source told me.

“It was a shameless and deliberate attempt by Channel 9 to maximise interest in the story by deliberately misleading those watching the show – to blatantly keep them watching – that one of those much-loved actresses had died and not some support-staff midget.”

The Bug took some time to source the image (above) as Ms Downes’ summary of the main stories that appeared at the top of the one-hour bulletin when broadcast live has mysteriously been edited from the program up on 9Now. The early Sex and the City death tease is missing!

At subsequent ad breaks on the live bulletin, Ms Downes continued to tease her audience with the Sex in the City death still to come but I finally found on the 9Now version her first promotion of the story about half-way through the program. Looks like someone at Nine has half a conscience.

Apart from the big fine, I think Fair Trading should have ordered Channel 9 to remove this outrageous example of click-baiting on their screening service as well. Hey, just had a thought. Given the medium, perhaps it should be called stick-baiting? Stick around for some major disappointment (aka bullshit) at the end.

I’ll be man enough to admit I got conned by the way Nine News promoted the story live.
I figured it had to be Kim Cattrall as her character in the show, Samantha Jones, never minded licking blokes’ arses. And more than anybody, I know that can’t be good for your health.

To my credit, about half-way through the live bulletin I started to wonder whether the death might have been that of Chris Noth (Mr Big) or John Corbett (Aidan Shaw).

I really did feel liked I’d be conned somewhat when late in the bulletin I found out some actor called Willie Garson had carked it at the age of 57.

Who the fuck did he play in the show again?

Still, I might have missed this whole sorry saga completely if I hadn’t also been holding on right to the end of the program for another of the bulletin’s early teases …. new tributes were apparently flowing to Prince Philip and who in their right mind would want to miss that!

That was another must-see… or am I just a click-bait/stick-bait tragic?