Robbery victim speaks out


A Brisbane man says crime in his suburb is out of control and the government needs to do something urgently to curb it.

Tibord Kapper of Jindalee said he was forced to return home early from a holiday on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and two children after police contacted him to tell his house had been robbed.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got back home to see our house had been stripped of its contents,” Mr Kapper said. (main picture)

“It was the last thing I expected when my wife and I posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts last week that we were all so excited to be off to Noosa, that the house would be empty for a week, and that as usual I’d left a spare key under a pot plant in the carport.

“The call from the police really spoiled the week for all of us, especially the kids who’d told their friends on Tik Tok that we’d be away for a week but they couldn’t wait to get back home to watch the new huge flat screen TV we’d just had installed.

“I really think the government has to do something about crime. Like, maybe, bring back capital punishment.

 “I’ll certainly be posting about that today,” Mr Kapper said.