Just your average mum’s view?

Yes, yes, we know we’ve banged on about this a few times previously. Well, a lot of times actually.

But our MGH analysis teams keep identifying the gaping lapse in accepted journalistic standards exhibited by the publication of the column penned by regular News Crap Australia commentator Vikki Campion.

Now we must be clear, we are not suggesting Ms Campion has been guilty of a lapse of standards. The words she pens and the views she expresses are for readers to judge and if any want to take issue with them then go for it.

No, the lapse in standards we refer to – yet again – continues to be committed by News Crap Australia itself for consistently failing to identify Ms Campion as the partner of Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader, Barnaby Joyce.

Our MGH analysts have previously identified columns by Ms Campion that help spruik arguments in line with Morrison Government or at least National Party rhetoric.

Frankly we don’t think it’s a good look to have someone so closely aligned to the Nats – who has worked for National Party ministers and MPs, and is coupled with the party leader – writing on federal political issues.

Ms Campion often writes on a variety of non-political issues. Surely to err on the side of caution she could stick with those.

Allowing her to write on politics is opening the door to the criticisms we have made on a regular basis.

Take her latest effort published in numerous News Crap tabloids around the nation. (pictured)

It’s a lengthy defence of PM Scott Morrison, who copped flak for flying to Sydney for Father’s Day with his wife and kids at a time others faced mandatory COVID-19 lockdowns.

In her defence of Morrison, Ms Campion writes of numerous current and past pollies and references former deputy PM the late Doug Anthony. But doesn’t take the opportunity to declare the current one lives under the same roof as her.

She ends by describing herself as a “FIFO mum” – apparently meaning someone left at home by a hubby or partner who flies off to work for a period before flying back home.

Again, no mention of what line of work her partner does or who he may be.

No doubt the PM is grateful for having a page in several tabloids devoted to running an argument in defence of his recent flying visit to Sydney during a lockdown.

Just as he would have been grateful for many of Ms Campion’s previous columns taking aim at critics of the government.

We can all continue to argue whether she should write of such things. We say she shouldn’t.

But why won’t News Crap Australia insert just a couple of lines as a disclaimer at the end of her column?

That simple act would go at least some way towards addressing this ongoing wilful breach of standards.