Glad wraps up her day job

“Goodbye cruel world!” is one of the shorter suicide notes. Gladys Berejiklian’s “I won’t be showing leadership on a daily basis from Monday” is longer but just as effective.

If the New South Wales Premier sticks to that disgraceful vow to axe her daily presser in some pathetic and cowardly attempt to insulate herself from all the bad COVID-19 news predicted over coming weeks, she’s dead to me and countless New South Wales voters. She’ll be political toast … so at least we’ll know she’s been cremated.

But my best bet is that before very little of this weekend has passed, Berejiklian will have been made very aware of her fatal mistake and will be declaring it all a dreadful misunderstanding and she most certainly will be attending her daily 11am COVID-19 media call from Monday onwards.

It won’t be an apology; firstly because she’s a politician and that makes an apology highly unlikely, and secondly because she’s a Liberal which makes it impossible.

And why am I so sure of this? The Twitterverse has reacted with commendable venom to Berejiklian’s decision to abrogate her duties as a political leader. Here are just a sample.

Berejiklian if she’s got half a brain is going to go down the only route that hints at her survival. Personally, I’ll be delighted if she sticks with her gutless and shameful promise to go into hiding while coronavirus rates soar and deaths multiply among her people, all due to her failure to lockdown properly weeks ago.

Having her political corpse on the nose at the time of the next federal poll will be all so tickety boo by me.

I remain sadly confident, though, that come Monday, the lies and the boasts and the hubris will continue, as will the shameful attacks on states lagging in the vaccine rollout because their supplies were diverted to NSW to help the fight against their massive breakout there.

I sometimes wonder where this woman gets her unfounded confidence, her unbridled arrogance and her tragic illusions of adequacy from. Any suggestions, Phillip Coorey?

Don Gordon-Brown