Truly ‘smart’ glasses go on sale


Brisbane inventor Eddie Sun says he will rush to market what he says are “genuine smart glasses” for social media users after hearing news that Facebook plans to begin selling its new Ray-Ban Stories from next week.

The Ray-Ban Stories feature dual five-megapixel cameras, speakers, and microphones which enable users to shoot 30-second videos as well as photos. The glasses can also receive phone calls and play music. (pictured)

But Mr Sun (main picture) said only his glasses were “truly smart” when it came to what social media users needed.

“My glasses have a sturdy plastic frame in a very stylish design and are fitted with lenses that are totally opaque,” he explained.

“It means they prevent anyone from seeing anything on social media, which I believe is a big plus.

“I mean, have you seen the shit and meaningless drivel on most social media platforms?

“No wonder batshit crazy ideas spread faster than the delta variant when social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and a range of others are offering just a stream of useless, often-erroneous and dangerously misleading urban myths and unproved claims.

“Plus there’s all the personal abuse that gets heaped on anyone by gutless keyboard warriors every second of every day.

“I figured if fewer people could see the stupid shit infesting social media channels on their screens, the smarter they would become.

“Hopefully a lot of people will buy my truly smart glasses and maybe, just maybe we may see some actual facts and genuine conversations and debate on Facebook and Twitter.

“That’s my dream, but I’ve already been trolled mercilessly on my own social media accounts for expressing that view, so what the fuck?” Mr Sun said.