A heartfelt message to the Dirty Digger!

So Rupert Murdoch’s Pox News wants an external inquiry into the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent two-part Four Corners expose of that “news” organisation’s role in shaping opinion in the United States generally and how it fermented public unrest following Trump’s defeat?

We at The Glass House have an entirely different suggestion.

Let’s make the inquiry internal and by that we mean let’s shove hundreds of pages of The Courier-Mail’s disgraceful, unprofessional and shockingly biased coverage of the last three Queensland state elections up his flaccid, ethically bereft, criminally inclined, self-centred, money-hungry ultra far-right wing Yank arsehole!

If there’s still room, ditto for other Newscorpse papers’ coverage of other state and federal elections over time.

Throw in tape cassettes from any or all Sky News After Dark programs since it began.

Keep shoving them in until that awful cunt realises that organisations such as Pox News, the dreadful imitation Sky News Australia and the whole fucking shebang of the Dirty Diggers’ appalling shitsheets are in no position to have a go at the ABC over anything.

The brown-nosing pricks who run Murdoch’s worldwide news outlets, both print and electronic, wouldn’t know professional, balanced, integrity-based journalism if it hit the whole fucking lot of them right where it hurts most.