Joint winners for first time ever!

Judges of The Bug‘s coveted Tweet of the Week award argued for hours as to who should be crowned the best of the past seven days.

Hundreds of other editorial staff anxiously watched the chimney above the judges’ room on the mezzanine level of The Bug‘s central news complex and the suspense built as it became clear they were having a difficult time of it.

Then there was a roar of approval as blue smoke billowed from that chimney to not only indicate voting had been completed and a winner found but that it was quite naughty, just the way The Bug likes it.

And it turned out two tweets have shared top prize this week.

So well done to Mappa Tassie @mappatassie73 for this meme-based effort from last Thursday.

Our only criticism is that backside shown above is nowhere near big enough to be the lazy, lardarse that is Scott Morrison. And we all know that the PM would not empty a waste container, mate.

Our other joint winner was a fucking beauty also from Thursday from Therase etc, etc, etc, @etc, etc, etc, who deftly summed up the current state of the federation.

Short, sharp tweets always find favour with The Bug – especially when Smoko’s in the firing line – so among the highly commended were Ewart, Labor Dave @davidbewart for this zinger…

… and Antfarmer @antfarmer who also hits the spot with some fun at the mainstream mediocre.