Dire threat to Labor brand exposed!


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has defended his party’s decision to support a new law protecting the intellectual property and branding associated with the key names of both the ALP and the Liberal Party.

Legislation rushed through both houses of parliament only yesterday now prohibits the fledgling party The New Liberals from using that party name on ballot papers come the next federal poll.

Mr Albanese (pictured above taking a break for his “We’re so fucking sorry for having too many policies” tour of Queensland after the 2019 election) explained exclusively to The Bug why the new law was so crucial.

“Our federal executive got wind that a new political party was about to form under the name The New Labor That Would Never Ditch Sound, Solidly Researched and Fiscally and Socially Responsible Policies No Matter What Party.

“Allowing them to deliberately piggy-back on the proud Labor brand name to fool and hoodwink voters was something we simply couldn’t tolerate,” Mr Albanese said.

As The Bug reported yesterday, The New Liberals overnight were looking at a name change to obey the letter and spirit of the new law.

One party moniker apparently being considered is The Notthosecunts Party.