Poleaxed by poll findings?

For those of us with a visceral hatred of Scott Morrison and everything that mendacious, mediocre, faux-marketing moron stands for, should we despair at a fresh opinion poll that suggests the most corrupt and miserable government in living memory has a good chance of re-election?

An old journo mate prompted the question when he posted a tweet about the findings of the monthly Resolve Political Monitor poll for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Terry Sweetman, former long-term and much admired columnist at The Courier Mail, commented on the poll findings: “If true, you’d have to conclude that the Australian electorate is remarkable forgiving or is just plain stupid.

You can understand his concern.

The very thought that the cunt who helped create the illegal Robodebt scheme over which many Australians killed themselves, who rorted government community project funding to a criminal gold standard never thought possible, who has lied through his teeth about when he knew of such rorts, or when a woman was allegedly raped in a nearby minister’s office, who couldn’t hold a hose, who has completely botched COVID-19 quarantine and vaccine rollouts, who has run up national debt to head-shaking levels, who never accepts blame for anything and who is a far-right religious nutcase to boot could be somehow rewarded with another term in office would make any decent Australian sick to the pit of their stomach.

So this amateur psepholgist’s reply to Terry Sweetman’s reading of that poll and what it means is this: let’s just hope for Australia’s sake, for hopefully putting an end to the terrible slide in faith by young people in our supposed model of democracy, is that it’s a rogue poll.

According to the Resolve Political Monitor, the government’s primary vote has risen from 38 to 40 per cent while Labor has seen its primary vote fall from 35 to 32 per cent.

Resolve, the chicken hearts that they are, do not provide a two-party preferred figure.

The latest Newspoll has both side of the parliamentary divide locked at 39 per cent primary vote each, which pans out to a 54-46 lead to Labor.

True, Resolve is the more recent poll but as Terry says: “I can’t believe #scottiefrommarketing has done one thing to justify this polling result.”

Lobbing between those polls was Roy Morgan that showed both parties on 35.5 per cent primary, for a 54-46 split to Labor.

So there is a very wide gap – way beyond the margin or error – between Resolve’s 32 per cent primary for Labor and the average of what the other two polls have found.

So keep faith, people. This one-eyed ranter remains convinced we’ve got Smoko on the ropes.

And another old journo mate agrees. And I have enormous faith in Tony Koch’s judgment because Tony has won even more Walkley awards than I have: five more to be precise.

Don Gordon-Brown