Oz business model doesn’t ads up


If you wonder why News Corp Australia’s remaining handful of newspapers willingly run the misleading advertisements inserted by self-described “former” politician and questionable businessman Clive Palmer, take a look at today’s edition of the national broadshit The Australian.

Recently The Oz has eagerly inserted Palmer’s trademark black and yellow ads aimed at spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts by all governments to contain it.

But what happens when he doesn’t run an ad? The Oz seemingly has no other real advertisers so it resorts to putting an in-house ad in the prime spot at the bottom of page one touting subscriptions. (pictured)

There was a time when newspapers had a queue of advertisers wanting to pay the premium price for showcasing themselves or their wares on the. front page. No longer it seems.

Today’s 24-page edition of The Oz has only one quarter-page paid ad on page six plus a handful of small public notice-type ads each barely bigger than a postage stamp .

The other four ads, in addition to the page one quarter-page, are all either freebies for a charity or more in-house ads for The Oz.

No wonder, as we have previously pointed out, that the “news” story the paper ran recently on Palmer’s PR campaign looked to our MGH researchers almost like another of his ads.


It’s official. The activities of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his wife the Duchess of Sussex, still better known as the former American actor Meghan Markle, are no longer deemed to have anything to do with the serious business of being a royal.

They now fall under the heading of “entertainment”.

That’s according to News Corp Australia which now places stories involving the couple alongside gossip snippets about Hollywood A-listers and has-beens. (pictured)

To look on the positive side, it’s good to know one’s place in the world.


Wow! Channel 9 has finally taken its news seriously.

After the Media Glass House has spent months gleefully reporting on how bloody awful and inconsistent and days and sometimes weeks out of date 9Now has been in giving viewers around Oz a chance to catch up with what’s been happening in their patch, a miracle has happened.

MGH luckily had a feather handy some days back to knock ourselves over with when we saw up-to-date versions of their nightly 6pm news services from the nation’s capitals were now available on that free streaming service.

Given the station’s track record, they’ll probably fuck it all up again sooner than later.

Still, credit where credit’s due. It’s really great that the station has finally caught up with poor old Aunty, cash-and-staff strapped as it is, which has been able to provide that service via iview day in, month out, professionally and without fuss.