Howard as popular as ever

ABC switchboards swamped with requests

SYDNEY: Australian Broadcasting Corporation switchboards around the nation were jammed for hours after former Prime Minister John Howard appeared on 7.30 last night to discuss with host Leigh Sales the Taliban’s dramatic and swift takeover of Afghanistan.

The switchboards lit up immediately after the former long-serving Liberal PM declared that the 41 Diggers who were killed during Australia’s lengthy involvement in the war in Afghanistan had not died in vain.

“Those switchboards then just about melted down after Mr Howard went on to say Australia had always been on the right and noble side of any conflict it had ever participated in,” an ABC public relations officer said.

“They all wanted to know full details of Mr Howard’s upcoming stand-up dates, times and venues.”

Comparison irks White House

WASHINGTON: White House officials here have reacted angrily to reports that US President Joe Biden’s address to the nation earlier this week on the crisis in Afghanistan was very Morrisonesque in its style, content and delivery.

“Of course the President mangled quite a few words but to be fair it was a very long speech at around 20 minutes,” a senior White House spokesperson said.

“And at no stage did he say anything really, really silly like ‘the US military evacuation process at Kabul airport will only end when the US military evacuation process at Kabul ends’.”