Morrison mini-series faces axe

Plans for a Nine Network mini-series on the rise to political power of Scott Morrison are in limbo with the news that the hot Hollywood star signed to play the Prime Minister now has serious doubts about taking on the role.

My Hollywood spies tell me Gabriel Macht, who shot to stardom on the back of a leading role in the nine-season hit TV drama, Suits, based on a high-powered Manhattan law firm, was at first delighted to be approached to take on the challenging role of playing the much-loved Father of the Australian Nation.

His agent Hyme Cowen-Epstein told me on the condition of anonymity: “Gabriel knew he would have no trouble nailing the Aussie accent.

“And he was absolutely astounded how he looked once he was fitted with the skullcap of Advanced Hair Studio hair plugs and almost frameless prime ministerial spectacles.

“He also thought he’d have no trouble putting on a few pounds and speaking as if he’s had a recent botched lobotomy.”

Other industry insiders then explained why Macht had a change of heart.

“Gabriel was reminded of when Stanley Tucci took on the role of the horrific serial killer in Peter Jackson’s 2009 supernatural thriller The Lovely Bones,” one told me.

“He knew his career of playing gay and kind trailing men could be seriously damaged if his fans saw him taking up the role of the creepy, bone-chilling George Harvey.

“That’s why he demanded that he be heavily disguised for the role.” (see right).

I’m also told that when Macht, having put on quite a bit of weight and wearing all the makeup and props that would be needed for shooting the series, saw how closely he would resemble the Australian prime minister on screen he went cold on the role very quickly.

“Fuck! This could ruin my career!” he is understood to have exclaimed.