Aunty in strife over coal love-in


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation faces censure after allowing a lewd sex act to go to air during last night’s screening of Q&A.

The Bug understands that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been flooded with complaints by shocked viewers after the act played out on screen half-way through last night’s program hosted by David Speers.

“There could easily have been some children watching along with the hundreds of adults who have stuck with the program since it deserted its Monday timeslot and lost its charismatic host Tony Jones.”

“The show’s producers should have seen what was about to happen and someone should have hit the censure button and cut the feed immediately,” one of my ACMA insiders told me this morning.

“Someone is in deep poo over this.”

The scene unfolded after Queensland Senator Matt Canavan (pictured at top) and appearing remotely from a locked-down Canberra had spent several minutes saying he fully supported this week’s dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change before using all sorts of words and phrases to clearly show he doesn’t support their warnings one little bit.

Getting increasingly angry and louder by the second and rubbing even more coal dust on his face and arms to show his support of coalminers and their families throughout Australia, Senator Canavan then shouted: “I fucking love coal!”

He then stood up and a large lump of high-quality bituminous coal from Queensland’s Bowen Basin, complete with an artificial vagina borrowed from a former girlfriend, appeared on screen.

And if ever in the history of electronic broadcasting in this country a panic button needed to be hit and hit quickly, it was right there and then.

Quickly dropping his trousers and underpants Senator Canavan shouted: “More than that, I love fucking coal!”

What happened next didn’t last long but the show’s producers nevertheless should have had the nous to cut the feed immediately when it became obvious what was about to come.