Clintons want to replace Cuomo

Bill and Hillary Clinton have both announced political comeback campaigns at simultaneous news conferences where each outlined their intention to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination as its candidate for the job of Governor of New York.

­Former US President Bill Clinton (main picture) told reporters at his hastily established campaign headquarters in lower Manhattan in New York City that he had all the skills and talents to succeed Mr Cuomo who this week announced his plan to quit following a damning report alleging he had sexually harassed 11 woman and ran a “hostile” work environment for women.

“Ah know exactly what former Governor Cuomo is going through,” the ex-President said. “But Ah’m a changed man now. Ah learned mah lesson in mah second term when all that stuff about that woman… Miss Lewinski, hit the fan.

“Ah promise that if Ah am the Democratic nominee and Ah win in 2022, then Ah won’t the same ol’ good hole boy Ah was before.

“For a start Ah have given up smoking cigars,” the ex-President said.

Meanwhile uptown in Harlem, Hillary Clinton was also laying out her qualifications to be Governor. (pictured)

“I am a former First Lady and Secretary of State, I have the skills needed to do the job of Governor and possibly President a few years later,” Ms Clinton said. “You know, if I do a term or two as Governor I’d still be only 81 if I ran for the White House in 2028, or only 85 in 2032.”

She rejected suggestions that she had used “blackface” to launch her campaign in a bid to snare important black votes in the Democratic primary for the nomination and in the 2022 election for Governor.

“No, I have merely changed my preferred shade of foundation to a much, much darker one recently,” Ms Clinton said.

Both Clintons told reporters that their spouse was “fully behind” their candidacies, but expressed surprise when then advised of the announcement being made by the other as they spoke.

But being consummate politicians, both Clintons immediately extended an olive branch to the other and promised to consider their partner as their running mate if they secured the nomination for Governor.