A double bunger!

The reader of The Courier-Mail in Brisbane has no excuse for not knowing that the city’s popular annual fireworks display Riverfire is returning in September after being canned last year as part of pandemic restrictions.

The News Corp daily turdbloid obviously thought the story was so good, it ran it twice in today’s edition – once on page five and again on page 13. (main picture)

They were told that the Brisbane CBD casino The Treasury had a riverfront venue called Will and Flow which opened late last year and it would be hosting its first Riverfire party when the big bangs happen in late September.

The story breathlessly quoted “The Star ambassador Erin Holland” who apparently was visiting the river city with her hubby Ben Cutting from their home base in Sydney and can’t return because of the southern capital’s lockdown.

The article showed Ms Holland on the deck of the Will and Flow venue waving a champers flute and throwing what looks to us like a big handful of tinsel in the air.

Now call us ignorant but a quick canvass of our MGH researchers failed to turn up anyone who knew of Ms Holland or her hubby Mr Cutting.

But all were concerned about the possibility of fragments of tinsel falling into the Brisbane River and choking marine life and birds.

That concern ran slightly ahead of their other concern about the blatant plug the pic story gave to The Treasury event by ending with information about how to buy tickets to The Treasury’s event and the price – $279 per person.

Bargain! Oh, we actually mean the whole story was a bargain for The Treasury and certainly would have saved it a few quid on a paid ad….. or two.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will know that Clive Palmer is up to his old tricks again in the run-up to the next federal election.

Those who still buy or read newspapers will have noticed his signature black and yellow ads for his United Australia Party lambasting the response of governments on both sides of politics to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s selection of front pages from News Corp fish wrappers has been repeated almost daily in recent weeks. (pictured)

But the ads have also run in Nine Entertainment papers such as The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Australian Financial Review.

But what also appeared today in The Australian was a letter to the editor from five crossbench MPs in the House of Representatives calling for newspaper proprietors to stop running the Palmer propaganda. (pictured)

They say the ads have been spreading “harmful misinformation” about the pandemic and the coronavirus itself and the response to it by governments around the nation.

The MPs said the ads foster anti-lockdown protest and behaviours that flout health advice and help the virus spread.

“We call on Nine Entertainment Co and News Corporation to acknowledge the harm done, live up to their civic duties as a national publisher and broadcaster in relation to the pandemic, and refuse to publish advertisements of this nature in future.”

Now is the time to set your watch if you have one or the timer on your mobile phone and settle in to wait for both News Corp and Nine to do just as the MPs have asked.

Given that News Corp’s Sky News was just pinged by You Tube for behaviour similar to that complained of by the MPs we do hope you have sufficient food and drink and other necessities because it’s going to be a very long wait. Very long.


One interesting aspect of the letter to the editor about the Palmer ads was the fact that five of the seven cross-bench MPs in the lower house signed it.

The two who didn’t were Craig Kelly and Bob Katter Jnr.

We were going to write more about that, but it’s enough said really.