Police action garners high praise


SYDNEY: A powerful peak body has praised the New South Wales police force for its almost total shutdown of a Freedom protest rally on Saturday.

“Our membership could hardly believe the number of copper cunts and their fucking cop cars required to achieve the shutdown they done,” a spokesman for the Greater Sydney Law Breakers Union told The Bug. “They were delighted.

“While thousands and thousands of coppers were busy closing down a potential COVID-19 super-spreader event, our members got to spread throughout our jurisdiction and do what they do best,” GSLBU general secretary Merv “Knee Caps” Wallace (pictured at top at his union desk and out and about in the community) told The Bug.

“I’m talking petrol station and convenience store holdups, home burglaries and invasions, bikie-gang retribution killings, pub and club ramraids, overdue loan recoveries, drug deals and what not – all without that added stress that the risk of being caught usually brings to their work.

“Perhaps our union’s only criticism was the short notice our membership had of just how many fucking coppers was gonna be tied up by the whole exercise.

“And can I make a plea to the freedom rally organisers for their future anti-lockdown protests.

“Have them as often as youse can but could they occasionally be held at night ‘cos that’s when a shitload of our membership do their best work.”