New party needs our help!

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The New Liberals need the urgent help of the social mediocrity.

That’s me, you and a lot of other sewer rats that scuttle along the virtual shit pipes of the Twitterverse or lurk with bad intent within the deep primordal sludge of Farcebook and the like.

It turns out TNL – I can only assume The Old Liberals was taken as a moniker – is appalled by the latest purging of key policies by the Australan Labor Party.

TNL leader, Sydney barrister Victor Kline, took to Twitter after Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese announced this week his party had dropped the negative gearing policies Bill Shorten took to the last two elections.

He declared also that Labor would also agree with all stages of the Morrison Government’s flattening of the income tax rates, especially the third tier that benefits rich people quite a bit.

It’s now law anyway after Labor foolishly thought it was wedged on the matter and voted the new scales in, effectively ending the progressive taxation system that had served the nation well for yonks.

Add those decisions to the earlier Labor dumping of its franking credits policy as Labor tries to make itself as small a target as possible and Victor has clearly had enough!

Maybe TNL should change its policy of only running in Liberal seats at the next federal poll and contest Labor seats as well, Victor tweeted, asking the Twitterverse what it thought of doing that.

Readers might recall that I’ve had fun with Victor before when this tweet to him on June 19 evoked a quick reply from Victor where he assured me that putting the Liberals last was indeed exactly what TNL planned to do.

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The trouble is Victor apparently deleted that reply that gave that gold-standard commitment.

So here’s my strongest advice policy to Victor and TNL: Go ahead, also run in as many Labor seats as your campaigning funding and feet on the ground can allow while still being effective.

Make Australia’s day by attracting a smallish but deadly share of disgruntled Liberal and Labor voters to your noble cause – and it is all rather noble if you look at their manifesto.

Do that, Victor and crew, and stick to your promise of letting those votes flow back through preferences to Labor and my best guess is that you’ll be helping to ensure the end of the most corrupt and inept government this ranter has ever seen in his half-century of interest in Australian politics.

I’ll even fly to Sydney and give you a big sloppy kiss.

Don Gordon-Brown