Papers face consumer recall


News Corp Australia has advised the nation’s consumer watchdog that it plans a nationwide recall of some of it products.

A source within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the media company had contacted the Commission yesterday in the wake of massive anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination demonstrations in Sydney and other centres.

“News Corp said it wanted initially to recall a large number of its Daily Telegraph newspaper sold throughout the Sydney and NSW markets,” the ACCC source said.

“The company said it wanted to reprint and redistribute to readers a range of editions of the Telegraph to ‘adjust’ its coverage of the NSW Government’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“In particular it wants to ‘correct’ the coverage it has previously given to actions taken by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and some strident news items and opinion pieces penned by its own reporters, columnists, and commentators.

“The ACCC is considering the application and will advise News Corp soon of its decision and what steps the company must take if the recall goes ahead as we suspect it will.

“News Corp has also told us that it is considering recalls of some other of its metro dailies and The Australian, once it sees how its Daily Tele recall goes.

“If the other papers are recalled it could be the biggest consumer product recall in Australian history.

“But it is good to know that News Corp has the best interest of its readers and the wider Australian population at heart,” the ACCC source said.