The worm has turned…

The worm has turned. Or more precisely: we’ve turned on the worm.

Make that grub, in Scott Morrison’s case.

Your ranter-in-residence was expecting that two major blows to the flabby solar plexus of the Father of the Nation overnight would send him flailing backwards onto his lazy lardarse: Newspoll in The Australian and the Resolve Political Monitor poll in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

But only one has so far come to light.

Newspoll overnight might have even forced Smoko to re-enact his infamous night at Engadine Maccas with its finding of a 53-47 two-party-lead to Labor. That’s landslide territory.

I’d shit myself too if I were the Father of our Nation, the superhero Vaccine Man and the Best Wartime Prime Minister We Might Still Get to Have if Peter Dutton gets his way – and still be hoping for an early election in a few months.

Over recent months, the Resolve mob’s polling has lobbed in the Monday SMH more or less slapbang in the middle of the month. Unless it’s been delayed day or so for some reason, its appearance next Monday, July 26, will be most unusual.

Maybe Nine Entertainment chair Peter Costello has asked for a recount. And when it finally appears, will it contain similar disastrous news for Morrison? Very, very likely.

And an Essential poll is due in the Guardian Australia shortly, maybe tomorrow. It’s also very unlikely to have Smoko keen to get Comcar 1 polished for a quick trip out to Yarralumla any time soon.

All these polls in their turn should finally put to rest the ongoing musings among the mainstream media’s national political guesseratti about an October poll.

Prime ministers only go early if they know they can win and to be fair, that still could be Smoko seeing he’s got an ego inversely proportionate to his alleged marketing abilitites and Newscorpse has convinced him he has the wood on Anthony Albanese.

But my best guess – and it hasn’t changed since last year when Smoko was riding much higher in the polls – is that he’ll now cling onto power to the bitter end of his three years of fucking up Australia, stuffing the economy, shrinking government as he flogs off stuff to his private sector spiv mates that we used to expect the government to do. and finally finishing his botched vaccine strollout.

I’m so confident of this now that I reckon I could almost hold my breath until my old mate Dennis “the election will definitely be held this year; the election will definitely be held next year; the election is almost certainly to be held on October 9 or 23 this year” Atkins utters his next prediction that “the poll will definitely not be held until 2022”.

Dennis might have the advantage over me in that I’m only going to be proved right or wrong just the once; by election day, Dennis will most likely have been proved wrong and right and wrong and right again.

I could still have egg on my face, too, but I’ve always seen this decline in Morrison’s fortunes coming once all the federal economic help for businesses and workers came naturally to an end from a government that hates spending money, especially on the hoi polloi, be it for being burnt out, flooded out or coronavirused out of a job.

We’ve watched Smoko in recent months desperately searching for an election-winning image from the coronvirus pandemic.

He was the “let’s-live-and-die-with-this-virus-and-go-watch-the-Sharkies” advocate from the very get-go until he saw state and territory leaders do well at the polls with their lives-before the-economy approach. He then became the Fortress Australia man, copying those real leaders in his pursuit of an undeserved second full term.

For that, he copped internal criticism from colleagues who knew deep down he was, and always will be, a-live-and-die-with-this-virus-and-go-watch-the-Sharkies sort of guy, hence his praise for NSW Premier Berejiklian’s refusal to implement a “l… l… loc…lock….(lowers voice to a barely audible whisper) lockdown”.

Dennis Atkins and his ilk must surely have known this poor Newspoll result was on the cards. The reality is that the LNP’s fortunes are probably much worse than the six-point gap shown in that poll. Worse is likely to come.

Somewhere in Dennis’s thinking – and I’m fucked to know why – is the concept that Smoko’s electoral fortunes are somehow going to improve in just weeks to make a late-August/early September calling of an October 9 even remotely believable. Unless my high school maths is wrong, Smoko would have to call a October 9 election around September 6.

Are we all to believe that if the vaccination rate gets a real giddy-up from now on; that somehow the electorate seven weeks from now is going to forgive Smoko for his past failures over the vaccine rollout and dedicated quarantine centres and his “this is not a race” pronouncements.

I simply cannot see that happening. Morrison will continue to cop the blame for any more lockdowns. And they are the only workable solution until a sizable majority of Aussies are double-dosed up or built-to-purpose quarantine centres are up and running.

It’s also taken a while but I’ll happily read into the Newspoll result that, finally, more and more Australians are seeing Morrison as the mendacious faux marketer moron, the bullshitting bully, the unethical, win-by-any-means-foul-or-fouler, self-centred, rat-cunning cunt that he is.

Yes, the vaccination rollout will finish one day but it won’t be soon. And when it does, voters will find time to reflect on matters such as the criminal Robodebt that many Australians killed themselves over, the record national debt that the LNP has racked up over eight years, the shonky ministerial standards, a certain Parliament House claimed rape and couch-cleaning coverup and pork-barreling before the 2019 election of a rolled-gold standard never thought possible. They should and will give serious thought to whether the LNP deserves a fourth term in office.

Right now, Smoko for mine remains a stumbling, bumbling and very, very average politician without any commitment to looking after the interests of his fellow Australians. He cares only for himself and his business mates.

He is without a clue about how a real leader should act and behave and totally bereft of any noble cause whatsoever.

Don Gordon-Brown