Q&A set for revamp


The sudden departure of the bloke who succeeded Tony Jones as host of the weekly discussion forum Q&A has given the ABC an opportunity to revamp the program.

An ABC TV spokesperson Dolly Grip said senior ABC management had wanted to “refresh” the program whose format had remained largely unchanged since first going to air in May 2008.

“The original concept of the show was for the first host, Tony Jones, to be joined each week with a panel of interesting guests who would take questions from a live studio audience and the viewers at home,” Ms Grip said.

“The aim was to deliver an informative, challenging, and entertaining program by having different guests each week who’d bring new ideas for discussion.

“But in reality it’s just grown to be a platform for the usual suspects of the rotated list of regular guests, many of whom are politicians, who just sit there and flap their jaws at each other and recite their usual crap and drivel.

“So management sees a great opportunity with the departure of ….ummm……whatshisname as host to make major changes to the program.

“For starters we’ll be signing Tom Gleeson as the new host, we’ll be renaming the program Hard Q&A, and we’ll be making it more of a quiz show than a discussion forum.

“Tom will be his usual acerbic self and will be free to, as we say, put shit on guests.

“Each guest will get points for their answer to a question, with an elimination process running throughout the 60 minutes of the program.

“That means at the end of the program one person will be named the ‘winner’ of the Hard Q&A big brass mug and they will have a chance to return to defend their title at the next program.

“Hopefully this new format will eliminate the very ordinary guests and by the end of the season we should have a program with a panel that’s worth watching,” Ms Grip said.