Newsroom sackings loom


A round of sackings among senior staff at The Australian is in the pipeline following a dramatic and unauthorised shift in the newspaper’s editorial policy towards the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Sources within the paper at News Crap Australia’s headquarters in Sydney told The Bug that US media mogul Rupert Murdoch was “livid” at the shift in attitude towards his federal government.

“Rupert was outraged when he read today’s editorial in The Australian which he viewed as a massive breach of his policy of supporting the Morrison Government and forgiving, papering over, or never mentioning its massive failures in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, while attacking and blaming federal and state Labor Party governments regardless of the facts.”

It is understood that Mr Murdoch objected to the line in today’s editorial in The Australian which said: “At this stage, however, the vaccination rollout is far short of what is needed, although it is picking up pace.” (pictured)

The source within The Australian offices said despite the time difference, Mr Murdoch was on the phone to the paper’s editor-in-chief Chris Dore as soon as he read the line, describing it as “unforgivable”.

“He rang from his New York penthouse yelling at Chris and telling him to clean out his desk and leave the building,” the source said. (main picture)

“More sackings are expected today as Rupert tries to walk back what he views as the editorial’s full-throated attack on the Morrison Government.

“Who knows how many people will lose their jobs as a result? All I can say is that there is a stack of fresh packing boxes in the foyer of 2 Holt Street at Surry Hills this morning,” the source said.