The perfect PFIZZER adviser

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It now seems fairly obvious that The Bug’s winning tweet of the last week (or so) would centre around the ongoing shefuckingmozzle that is the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, especially Scott Morrison’s brilliant four-phase non-plan late in the week to “chart our way out of where we are…”

But this delayed announcement of who would take out last week’s award showed just what a difficult task The Bug’s judging panel faced.

They eventually settled on the clever meme (at top) from last Saturday from LubiePhilrunfreeFionn – @lubiephil.

As usual with a lot of these clever nemes, The Bug doesn’t know whether it is @lubiephil’s original concept or he’s just happily sharing it with the twitterverse. Well, we could have found out but where’s the fun in that.

If the originator is someone else and we hear about that, we’ll tag an attribution to this post.

But what a wonderful idea! Our last two great prime ministers: FIZZA and PFIZZER.

If only Smoko had bought the good shit when it was first offered, eh?

Also the focus of much attack during the week was Finance Minister Simon Birmingham for a couple of thigh-slapping statements that laid bare his innate ability to say the silliest of things when prosecuting the silliest of arguments.

Has anyone displayed such brilliant sophistry in the post Lord Downer era?

Louise Bertram – @LouiseBertram1 – nailed it in this short tweet from last Thursday.

On the same day, Mich-Elle Myers – @MichMyersMUA – (and, boy, aren’t we at The Bug starting to think it would be good idea to award only people with simple Twitter handles) had this timely reminder of who have really been the experts in politicising anything that might garner them an unwarranted extra vote.

Birmingham’s other head-shaking dismemberment of logical thought – and whether he’s a master of sophistry or just plain hypocrisy or a wretched mixture of both is debatable – came late in the week.

On the ABC’s Insiders, he argued that voters by returning the government at the 2019 federal election had somehow endorsed the industrial-strength, rolled gold-standard, top-shelf, pork-barreling that the government engaged in before that election even though they didn’t know about it then.

The unstated corollary of that piece of contemptible codswallop seems to be that the government will be perfectly in its rights to repeat the process for the next election; it’s probably well on the way now.

Mari R – @randlight (now that’s the sort of Twitter handle we’ll be rewarding from now on!) beautifully summed up @Birmo’s appearance on the show.

And to think that Birmingham can deliver such a stupid, illogical and offensive argument without the slightest hint of a blush lets us all know just what he and all the others in the Morrison ministry really think of us.