PM stays quiet on cyber attack

An unknown foreign power has launched a cyberattack on one of the federal government’s official websites. Details are revealed exclusively today by The Bug’s senior journalist Wayne Kerr and his Special Hard-Hitting Investigative Team.

The Morrison Government is remaining largely tight-lipped over what appears to be a blatant cyberattack on one of its key websites.

The Bug can reveal exclusively that Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s own official website has been hacked by an as-yet-unknown operative.

Evidence of the hacking has been left in plain sight on the official website of the Prime Minister,, despite The Bug alerting authorities to what appears to be the illegal substitution of genuine images with obvious fakes on the “your government’ page of the site which lists federal ministers from the PM down.

The unknown hacker has placed the image of an unknown individual (main picture) in the space that should be occupied by a headshot of federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

The operative has also replaced photos of Mr Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce with those of clearly unrelated individuals who appear bright, competent, and – like the fake Frydenberg pic – with more hair than the real men. (pictured)

The offices of Mr Morrison, Mr Joyce, and Mr Frydenberg did not respond to a series of questions sent to them by The Bug about the cyber-attack.

However, Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s office did say it did not wish to elevate the issue but remained concerned about the blatant interference in Australia’s sovereignty by an unknown individual or organisation, probably from offshore, and probably China.