Oh what a funny week that was….

It’s hard to imagine there was anything funnier this past week or so than the return of Barnaby Joyce to the second most senior political post in the land.

Well, that, and the fact that he said he was a changed man. All before returning to Question Time and bellowing like an old Brahman bull with his gonads caught fast on a barbed-wire fence.

But then along came NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (above) with her wonderful turn before the cameras where she strove womanly to not use the word “lockdown”. And fair enough too. The very thought that the politician who saved Australian would even think of using the L word doesn’t bear thinking about.

But the tweets flowed in for her performance, and for the first time in our unlong Tweet of the Week history, we have a tie! So well done to Dr Darren Saunders (@whereisdaz) and Taylor’s Aversion (@pjk27779).

Okay, on reflection, maybe we should have made it a three-way tie, roping in the Barnaby Joyce fiasco as well, and included Mrs and Mr Slurrie (@SlurrieFamily) for this brutally honest yet amazingly accurate assessment of our federal Parliament!

Finally, we must give a highly commended to Mark Langham (@MarkLangham2). We forgot to record what Mark was actually tweeting about but we couldn’t help finding ourselves agreeing 100 fucking per cent.