Courier’s bold bid for glory!

With just over a week before entries close, The Courier-Mail has made a brave, determined, bid to take out The Bug‘s Media Glass House Arse-Licker of The Month award for June.

And as Ned Ryerson would say, the Brisbane tabloid’s splash on Tuesday, June 22, was a doozey.

It’s hard to quantify just how many arses are being licked here but an instant take-out from just a glance at the overall presentation on the front is that Barnaby Joyce is hellbent on saving Queensland coal jobs and a number of marginal Sunshine State seats in the process, making the return of the Morrison government at the next election a sure thing.

Okay, okay. That’s a long bow, perhaps, but not really when you factor in The Courier-Mail‘s track record and, trust us, Tuesday’s front page is the perfect example of what to expect from the Queensland’s LNP Bowen Hills sub-branch when the next federal election comes around.

The Bug appreciates the paper’s federal politics reporter Matthew Killoran can’t be blamed for the way the story has been treated by those above him and the artroom but he and his colleagues surely must be smart enough to figure out what’s expected of them down the track.

And when that poll arrives, we can all safely bet that stories such as this coit-cleaner will be ramped up to the max.

Tuesday’s story is a complete nonsense of course.

Queensland’s regional MPs re-Joyce! MAROON COUP!

Barnaby Joyce well and truly laid – so to speak – the groundwork for losing his title as the nation’s best retail politician three years ago. And without even dissecting what caused a handful of Queensland marginals to defy the bookies and swing very, very, late and stick with Morrison two years ago, the world has moved on a long, long way on the dangers of climate change since the May 2019 election.

The warnings have become more dire, inflamed for many Australians by the black summer of fires two seasons ago and talk by experts of worse to come. Other nations are calling for meaningful net carbon emissions targets; Scott Morrison is struggling for fresh weasel words that will get him an invite to the Glasgow climate talks in November.

Renewal energy is becoming cheaper by the day and battery storage technology is racing along, making any pitch by Joyce and the Nationals for a supposedly vote-winning new coal-fired station to save seats in north Queensland a laughable notion. The NSW Berejiklian government has a no-new-coal-mines policy yet retained Upper Hunter in a recent by election.

None of this is of any interest to the LNP propaganda shitsheet that is The Courier-Mail.

If Rupert Murdoch thinks bullshit such as Tuesday’s “jobs before emissions” effort can keep Morrison in power, then the so-called journalists up at the LNP’s Bowen Hills sub-branch will be doing their unprofessional and unethical worst to get the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments to a fourth term.

Killoran might only be practicising now but our sad, very sad, prediction is that he and other “journalists” at The Courier-Mail and its sister Sunday Mail are going to be absolute ringmasters by the end of that campaign.