Was that a professional news service? Nien!!!

Hey, C’mon, Channel 9 News, Sydney …it wasn’t that bad!

Well, okay, maybe it was but not as bad as you’re making it out to be.

Anyone watching their Monday night 6pm bulletin will know that the gremlins well and truly got into the works at the station’s news studio part-way through the bulletin.

Audio was the main problem as stories were introduced and then abandoned. One long break as technicians worked to fix the problems was filled up with a very large number of advertisements.

After presenter Peter Overton finally came back with a lame “thanks for staying with us” type line, he almost breathed a, finally, audible sigh of relief when sports presenter Cameron Williams’ mike was working.

But what interests the Media Glass House is that that bulletin, two days on, is still missing from episodes available on Channel 9’s streaming service, 9Now.

Even Tuesday night’s bulletin hasn’t been uploaded as is the norm; it’s as if the Nine news people are so stunned by Monday night’s horrendous fuckups that they’ve frozen to the spot and incapable of fixing things up and moving on, seeing the network’s other capital city news bulletins are right up to date with Tuesday night’s bulletins up and running.

So the MGH has to ask: hasn’t Channel 9 Sydney’s upload techno nerd been up to the task of cutting out the embarrassing hiccups – how long would that take in an editing booth? – and giving 9’s viewers access to what would have still been a fairly meaty serving of that day’s news? It was, after all, the day Barnaby Joyce rolled Michael McCormack.

Have Monday’s hiccups proved such a demoralising shock at the station that no-one’s felt like putting up Tuesday night’s bulletin as well? That’s unless that bulletin was a disaster too? The MGH missed that one so please let us know if that was a disaster too.

How long is it going to take Nine News Sydney to recover from Monday night’s events that made the Morrison government’s rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine program look like a professional, well-oiled machine?